A staple of the 1990s, permanent makeup is on the rise as a beauty go-to

From micrograyling and microblading to candy lips and lip blushing, the list of permanent or semi-permanent makeup techniques seems to gain popularity on social networks. Whether it’s for eyebrows, lips or eyes, permanent makeup is in line with the quest for simplified beauty routines helping to save time and to achieve a natural look with minimal effort.
The pandemic, through its lockdowns and mask wearing, disrupted the beauty routine of many women around the world. Gone are lipsticks, contouring and other techniques to achieve a perfect complexion. The focus has now shifted to skincare, which has replaced cosmetics intended to camouflage all sorts of imperfections rather than actually improving skin texture. And it’s a trend that appears to be persisting beyond the pandemic, even if mask wearing is no longer mandatory in many countries around the world.

These changes have helped bring back one trend that was thought to have fallen by the wayside: permanent makeup. Very popular in the 1990s, permanent makeup techniques are once again winning over those in search of a more natural beauty look. That might sound paradoxical, but it actually makes sense. Beauty is no longer about spending hours in the bathroom plastering on layers of foundation, concealer and other correctors, but about enhancing the eyes and mouth through perfectly shaped — and subtly tinted — eyebrows and lips.
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