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    June 20, 2022
    How to prepare for permanent makeup
    On the eve of the procedure it is forbidden:
    • Perform peels, injections (Dysport, Botox). Facial cleansing, contouring, eyebrow tinting are prohibited;
    • Drink a lot of liquid;
    • Long stay in the sun;
    • Take painkillers.
    Permanent makeup
    Permanent makeup allows you to focus on facial features. This term refers to the technique of persistent makeup, which is used to hide small imperfections of the face or emphasize its advantages. The procedure is performed by a special permanent machine. Color pigments are injected into the surface layer of the skin using microneedles to a depth of no more than 0.8 mm. These pigments are very delicate. They consist of natural ingredients and are as compatible as possible with the skin, therefore they do not cause allergic reactions. The advantage of such pigments is the gradual excretion by the body after a certain period.
    Our salon offers a full range of permanent makeup services. Works are carried out quickly and efficiently, using innovative technologies and modern equipment.
    Contraindications to the procedure
    Despite the fact that the pigment is injected into the surface layer of the dermis, the permanent makeup procedure has a number of contraindications:

    • age under 18;
    • pregnancy;
    • disorders of the nervous system, epilepsy;
    • dysfunction of the liver and kidneys;
    • hypersensitivity or intolerance to pigments;
    • diabetes;
    • chronic respiratory diseases (for example, asthma);
    • exacerbation of infectious diseases.


    Among the advantages of the permanent makeup procedure are the following:

    Saving time

    Now you do not have to waste your time on applying makeup in the morning and numerous touch-ups throughout the day. You can dedicate the morning to sleep or to your family and friends and not worry about the appearance of your face, because after such a procedure it will always look well-groomed.

    Saving money

    After this procedure, you will not have to spend a lot of money on cosmetic services for the face in beauty salons and on the purchase of high-quality decorative cosmetics.


    With the help of a tattoo, you can add volume to the lips, raise lowered eyebrows with age and correct the shape of the eyes.


    Permanent makeup is an ideal way to hide various skin defects: scars, scars, scratches, burns, etc.

    Pigmentation problems

    This makeup will help solve a number of problems associated with sparse shapeless eyebrows, expressionless eyes, pale, asymmetrical lips.


    Permanent makeup is not afraid of heat and moisture and provides you with complete stability.


    Permanent make-up services are a salvation for women suffering from allergies to decorative cosmetics.

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