Getting permanent make-up is the latest beauty trend this season

If you have been wishing for fuller blush pink lips or perfectly shaped brows, getting a permanent or semi-permanent make-up treatment is the best choice. This option that has been catching a lot of attention globally, presents complete beauty solution, while saving those precious minutes of getting ready, painstakingly, everyday. For all those who want to really get the #iwokeuplikethis glamourous look, round the clock -skin clinics and experts are ready to provide a permanent solution.
Historically, it is believed that this concept was first documented in 1902 in London. The history of permanent makeup is quite old globally, Indians are gradually accepting this new form of art. It is said that in India it begun around late 19th century.
Tattoo artists and salons across the country tell us, which kind of permanent make-up is trending:
Permanent lip colour: For those who have been conscious of discolouration or darker lips, there is way to give their lips permanently pinkish or rosy tint. These are also preferred by brides-to-be as a semi-permanent option around their wedding days.
Fuller eye-brows: Another more popular treatment that everyone is taking up if getting their eyebrows look fuller and in shape. By taking this treatment, patrons get a shapely and full looking brows in the natural colour of their facial hair.
Blushing cheeks: If someone wants to sport a rosy glow to their cheeks, this is the treatment they opt for. By using rouge or light pink colouration pigments, experts can give a blush look to the face.
Winging it: Not everyone can nail the cat-eye look or make the perfect wing for winged liner look. For them, sporting a permanently tattooed winged eyeliner or cat-eye look can be the best option. This is also in demand in the party and wedding season for semi-permanent look.
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