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Microblading is a manual type of permanent makeup. Using a hand tool, the artist deposits pigment into the skin in fine short strokes resembling hair. Microblading is an excellent solution if your brows are sparse, over-plucked, or asymmetrical. Microblading will add more thickness and volume, and your new eyebrows will nearly be indistinguishable from natural ones.
This technique is not suitable for oily skin.
Powder/Ombre Brows
Powder brows is a machine technique that creates the effect of eyebrows lightly tinted with a pencil or eyeshadows. Depending on the client's wishes, you can choose the intensity of the color or create an ombre effect. In this way, eyebrows can be brighter or more natural.
This technique is considered the most gentle and painless and is suitable for everyone.
Lip Blush
Lip blush tattoo offers long-lasting, smudge-proof lip color that eliminates the need for daily lipstick application, saving time and effort.
It enhances lip definition and symmetry, helping individuals achieve a natural, youthful look without the use of makeup.
The procedure can boost confidence by providing a subtle, refreshed appearance and is a convenient solution for those with busy lifestyles.

Touch-up in 4-12 weeks
Permanent makeup performs in two stages: the initial procedure and touch-up in 4-12 weeks.
After healing, some areas may be lighter than others. In the touch-up visit, an additional layer of pigment is applied, which allows you to add more saturation of the color and adjust the shape.
For returning clients only.

Annual touch-up
Brows+Lips Package
Powder Brows with an apprentice
Introducing the amazing opportunity to enhance your natural beauty with a stunning permanent makeup service, now available through our trusted apprenticeship program! What's the deal? For just $250, you can book your initial visit with one of our highly skilled apprentices and experience the wonders of permanent makeup. Whether you're dreaming of perfectly shaped eyebrows or luscious lips apprentices will work their magic to make your dreams come true! But wait, there's more! After four weeks, we've got you covered with a touch-up session for only $100! This ensures that your gorgeous new look stays fresh and flawless, giving you that extra boost of confidence. Why choose our apprenticeship program? Our apprentices are mentored by industry experts and undergo extensive training to perfect their craft. Rest assured, your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities!

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